HTCS understands that Information Technology systems need to be robust, and that all organizations need procedures which guarantee delivery of core services to users in every scenario.

We recognize that our services need to be flexible, scalable and tailored to meet your needs and budget. Our services concentrate on the needs of the school, and are underpinned by the following:

· Delivery of education comes first

· ICT investment is substantial, and its return must be measured

· Best practice service fundamentals and processes must be utilized (ITILv3, FITS)

We understand that each customer wants different things from us, and our solutions range from delivering an ICT audit, all the way through running the Network infrastructure and Software in your organization.

How healthy are your IT systems? Are you prepared for BYOD, Office 365?

To provide for your requirement, our core offering of ICT services has been split as follows:

  • We’ll look at your whole ICT system
    and services to provide you with a
    comprehensive assessment of your
    school’s ICT provision. This report
    will look at both technology and
    processes in the school and identify
    key issues for your team to focus on.


    We’ll provide recommendations for
    future actions to get the most from
    your current investment and to ensure
    you are building for the future.

  • We’ll provide a first line of defense
    against issues by using our remote
    monitoring solution. An agent on
    each machine reports centrally to
    our network operations center so
    that all your equipment is
    monitored 24 Hours a day, 365
    days a year – ensuring the health,
    availability and performance of
    your IT infrastructure.


    We’ll review alarms, filter issues,
    escalate incidents and suggest
    resolutions. This will give your IT
    team the time to prioritize their
    workload and ensure key
    applications are always online. At
    your discretion we can also
    investigate and resolve issues.


Supplement existing IT resource or PAYG services.

Cloud Backup

We can back up your network including your SQL and Exchange Servers via our cloud backup service. We’ll provide everything you need for a flat monthly cost.

Mobile Device Management

With the adoption of iPads and Chromebooks in education, managing them is presenting a challenge to many schools. We can streamline this process for you making it easy to centrally manage each device via a web interface. This includes access controls and restrictions as well as app deployment.

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