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You more than likely know the diagnosis to this problem. If your laptop LCD is cracked, it’s in-your-face-noticeable. Sometimes it’s a small crack running across the screen, while other times it’s a full edge-to-edge spiderweb effect. When we encounter these problems, the only solution is to replace the LCD screen with a brand new one. Although common, a cracked LCD is not the only time we have to perform our computer repair services to get the laptop fixed. In some cases, the problem is due to a bad light bulb inside the LCD screen, or a bad inverter which powers that bulb. We are able to determine the true cause of your LCD problems, although the easiest to figure out are the ones with the broken glass everywhere.


This is usually due to a bad back-light, or a bad inverter. These two issues are very related, so it’s hard to tell without a diagnostic. The inverter is connected to the backlight bulb, so we have to test both to make sure which is causing the problem. If the inverter is bad, in most cases we have to order a replacement part for it. If the backlight is bad, we may end up replacing the entire LCD screen. Although it is possible to replace the backlight, it is extremely difficult and the results are not always perfect, so replacement is actually more cost effective.


With a laptop LCD, the model number is the most important factor when determining a replacement. We can’t just grab any 15.4″ LCD screen and put it in. The connections on the LCD might be different, even from similar models of the same kind of laptop. For this reason, we must diagnose the laptop and determine the exact LCD model before we go forward with the replacement. The good news is that we have local vendors who work directly with us so we can get the parts with minimal turnaround time. This means if you request rush service, we can have your screen replaced in under 24 hours as we won’t have to wait for parts.

Services Performed

  • Diagnose the problem; broken LCD, bad back-light, or bad inverter
  • Provide you with a price quote for parts and labor
  • Disassemble laptop LCD screen, removing bad LCD or part
  • Replace LCD or part with replacement
  • Reassemble laptop and test for performance

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